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It is a type of loan with an upper limit of 1,500 TRY. It enables low-income micro-entrepreneurs, who are introduced to the microcredit system for the first time so that they can understand the microcredit system.


1.Business Loan: It is a type of loan with an upper limit of 5,000 TRY.

2.Basic Loan: It is a type of loan with an upper limit of 7,000 TRY.

3.Development Loan: It is a type of microcredit given to micro-entrepreneurs who use loans for 5 years or more in the microcredit system in an appropriate manner and contribute to the national economy by engaging in income-generating activities.


1.Entrepreneur Loan: It is a type of microcredit with an upper limit of 7,000 TL, which is given to low-income micro-entrepreneurs who have proven their success by using credit in the microcredit system and are also taxpayers. They use this credit to grow their business.

2.Growth / Happytalist Loan: It is a type of microcredit that can be given to micro-entrepreneurs who have exceeded the poverty line, who want to become an industrialist or trader and who want to expand their commercial activities. The limits of main loans (Basic, Development and Business Loan) and Entrepreneur Loan must be 10,000 TL.


Social Development Loan: In addition to the microcredit that our micro-entrepreneurs receive with the idea of ​​“Social Enterprise for Good”, Social Development Loan is a type of microcredit that includes different products varying from cleaning products to cosmetics offered to them to engage in additional income-generating commercial activities.

Technology Loan: A type of microcredit that provides financial support for low-income women to access communication devices with the Technology Loan provided by Microcredit.


Mini-Insurance: It is the personal accident insurance in which micro-entrepreneurs are covered for 10,000 TL by paying only 8 TL per year in cases of death and permanent disability as a result of an accident.

Mini-housing Insurance: It is the home insurance that covers the homeowners up to 15,000 TL and the tenants up to 10,000 TL by paying only 12 TL per year for damages arising from fire, flood, storm and other natural disasters.

Voluntary Savings: In order to raise awareness of saving in financially challenged micro-entrepreneur women, they are encouraged to deposit at least 1 TL per week into their voluntary savings accounts.