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New Market Place Like To Displaced Are 16.08.2017



Microfinance Member of Women Entrepreneurs visited the Governor Tuncay Sonel.Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program by providing micro-credit to women continues to provide support to women entrepreneurship. In 2003, the scope of Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Board of Trustees President prof.dr.aziz Ahmed launched in öcülüg Turkey Grameen Microcredit Program, break across the country in the last year 2015 end of 69 provinces and is located 53 thousand 980 active members in 111 branches total 148 a disadvantaged women were given 484 million microcredit.

 fairly small number in the conditions of our country, women entrepreneurs aiming to develop the new business set up or existing businesses, Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT), in recent years on women's employment work and contribute in the ongoing project by the Ministry of Social Security.

 micro loans this aspect also in the nature of a social project. TGMP understanding of traditional banking institution that works as an unsecured loan with an application and vice versa. Process met the woman is 5 'dream job' starts with sharing. Women after they get their credit after 1 week training

 In 2003, Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Board of Trustees President launched in prof.dr.aziz Akgul öcülüg under Turkey Grameen Microcredit Program, in the intervening years, across the country by the end of 2015, 69 provinces and 111 is located in 53 thousand 980 active members in the branch a total of 148 thousand low-income women were given 484 million microcredit.




Banda also a large number of female members with up to entrepreneurship, starting with small loans benefiting from micro-credits under the Grameen Microfinance Program advancing women members March 22 günügrame the Microfinance Program Banda Branch Manager Ozlem Bolat accompanied by Banda District Governor visited Tuncay Sonel.

 Governor Sonel entrepreneurial women from jobs they produce entertaining women in his office and received information about the work. Microfinance member entrepreneurs small loans with a few years more grew voiced more they raise the amount of credit they receive women's work they produce to increase its market share, in order to sell their produce by renting market place exhibition opening or shop, the opportunity to place women in the new Saturday market which is nearing completion of construction by requiring the provision Governor Sonel they wanted to support it.

 Bandırma Bird Paradise Culture and that they want to also provide a place for themselves from the barracks built in the square of the Republic under the Tourism Festival women voicing Banda Municipality demanded a very high price for such housing 5 thousand, "we are born and bred Bandırmalı'yız, the festival our festival, our produce what and we want to also demonstrate our art, but limited our capacity to meet this figure. Women in order to contribute to the social and economic life, we want to provide opportunities at low prices. "He said.

 benefit to society, the national economy and the social contribution of women entrepreneurs and what they hayataüret is next voicing Governor Tuncay Sonel provide utmost support and wished success to women entrepreneurs.

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