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Sterk Karahan has 4 children 16.08.2017
Sterk Karahan, who lives in Mardin's Kızıltepe district, opened a business with microcredit. Local Governor Ahmet Odabaş, who was appointed as Deputy Mayor of Kızıltepe by the Ministry of Interior, realized the restaurant where the local food in Ashiti neighborhood will be served.

Odabaş, in his speech, expressed satisfaction that the entrepreneur, Karahan, made the opening of his workplace for the county. Odabaş said that Karahan benefited from micro-loans for about 7 years and said, "Today, he was carrying out his work from home and today he has translated this work into his business." All of the meals are as delicious as home-cooked meals.

Emphasizing that women entrepreneurs always support, Odabaş continued: "We are striving to do whatever it takes to get at the point of entrepreneurship of women, both local government and general administration." Since 2007, nearly 700 entrepreneurs benefited from microcredit in the district and nearly 7 trillion I am very grateful to them, especially women asking us for entrepreneurship and asking for help from us, knowing that we are with them. "

Kızıltepe Microcredit Branch Manager Canan Özçelik also noted that they are now working with 700 entrepreneur women. Özçelik emphasized that Karahan is also a member, explaining that they try to be with women in entrepreneurship in all the branches that may come to mind from the hairdresser to the tailor. Ozcelik wished that the workplace would be beneficial both to Karahan and to the county. He wishes this work to shed light on all women.

Sterk Karahan also stated that he was trying to do something with his own efforts. Karahan said that the small scale production will start at the workplace that he opened with microcredit. He said that the cost of the work is about 50 thousand pounds. Karahan said that she supported her family instead of her job and said "I opened my job for my children, it is hard to teach 4 children." My daughter entered university examination and my son will go to university exam.

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