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Offers housewives job opportunities. 17.07.2019
Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction Branch Yozgat doing business with the housewives.

The foundation continues to realize the dream of housewives who want to start a business with the credit support it provides in Yozgat.

Since the year 2007, providing services Yozgat Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction Branch has reached 902 so far housewife. 300 housewives who benefited from the foundation used a loan of 633 thousand 977 pounds.

Yozgat Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction Branch Director Ahmet Arslan, "Our Foundation, Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT), micro-credit pioneer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Dr. Thanks to the technical information given by Muhammad Yunus, 22. Dr. As a result of the first capital provided by Aziz Akgül with its own means, it is a program developed with donation-based financing to reduce poverty and provides micro-credit, which is fully trustworthy, but fully returnable, so as to enable them to carry out income generating activities for women with low income without collateral and bail. " said.


Ahmet Arslan noted that the Yozgat Branch of the Foundation was opened in 2007 and said that they have provided credit facilities to housewives through the foundation for 12 years.
Arslan said, “There are no branches of the foundation in many provinces. It has been serving in Yozgat since 2007. To date, we have provided credit support to 902 housewives. We became partners in their dreams..


Stating that 300 housewives were granted credit, Ahmet Arslan said, kadar We have reached 902 housewives in total. This year, while the number of housewives actively using credit 300. Now the amount of credit distributed in Yozgat 633 thousand 977 pounds, "he said.


Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Yozgat Branch from describing to do housewives who want to use credit Ahmet Arslan, "with micro-credit our women wanting to use by being a housewife and do the job projects are coming to us enough. We are not looking for any other terms..