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Microcredit Becomes Hope. 17.07.2019
Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT) and Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) and implemented by Dr. Developing Women's Collaboration, chaired by Sema Karaoğlu Association (KİGDER) 's support since the establishment of the Microcredit system, Şükran Gülce both profession and business owner.

Turkey had to sit at home with the rest of the microcredit system, which was implemented almost women find life. The small scale of capital provided to women who want to put their hand skills and contribute to the home economy opens up the doors of work for those women.

He has been supporting the microcredit system with KİGDER since its inception. With this loan, Sema Karaoğlu became a partner in the happiness of opening the tailor's shop of Şükran Gülce, who founded her own business.

Stating that women's contribution to employment-oriented projects Sema Karaoglu, "Microcredit, a system that has been supported by KİGDER since the establishment of the March 31 elections in the Melikgazi Mayor candidacy process, I constantly recommend to the housewives and if I am elected president of the micro-credit produced by women to sell their hand skills I promised to establish a market. It is not a fate to live only by living in their homes. we were happy happiness of our brothers. All of our housewives can produce absolutely anything with the support and microcredit can contribute to the household economy. this system enables the realization of Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation TİSVA ' or, Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program tgmp'y, Kayseri branch officials Love Propose Aslan, deputy Erkan Dumrul to Aziz Ahmed and President and microcredit donors us back flip while we steal the door, I express my gratitude forever. All of us are paid for. "