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Microfinance Program Producing Women Waiting 16.08.2017

Applied in Adiyaman since 2009. Turkey is expected to apply to women investors Grameen Microfinance Program.

Contribution to employment and provide jobs for offering loans with very attractive payment terms for women who want to build from Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program benefited 500 thousand women in Adiyaman until now. Turkey Grameen Microfinance Adiyaman Deputy Branch Manager Hülya with Bilgisiçok Gokhan Baydar, found the statement about the credit system.

Hulya Bilgisiçok by providing credit facilities to rural and urban areas in Adıyaman, on the contrary, an application that unsecured credit is given and women, protection of traditional banking approach based on the guarantee, said they intended to help them to enter into their professional life.

providing credit facilities to women who want to produce and small representing the target of reducing poverty by business Hulya Bilgisiçok, crafts, knitting making and selling groceries, accessories, dowry goods trade and many other areas of women's work continues his life, he said.

Hulya Bilgisiçok, "We are trying to support our women Adıyaman Governorship Provincial Special Administration. No guarantees and sureties in microcredit. The low-income women in Adiyaman who want a self-operating income, giving a small capital without any discrimination for jobs. giving support them economically, we provide for them to work. If you take the real purpose of the credit is used, it increases the ease of payment as well as live and work. Since Adiyaman 2009 we reached 500 thousand women. 600 now actively using credit. For example, one thousand borrowers, making $ 25 a week for 46 weeks pay. So far none of our members did not draw payment difficulties. I invite our women to take advantage of this opportunity, "he said.

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