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Increased food waste annoys! Do not spill food and drinks Food waste is spooky. 17.06.2019

Increased food waste annoys! Do not spill food and drinks
Food waste is spooky. Tens of thousands of tons of food left behind from hotels, restaurants and houses go to the trash. This situation attracts the reaction of non-governmental organizations and economists who are obliged to prevent waste. 

The consumption spree is fueling food waste. Every year tens of thousands of tons of food and drink is wasted. This problem, which has become a gangrene, is closely followed by non-governmental organizations.

Noticeable alerts

Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgul, the New Convention, said that food savings should not be left to hand. Akgül, consumers, olun Be conscious. Do not spill your food and drinks.

Akgül stated that the problem of waste is gradually deepening and said: “Unfortunately, our country wastes 15 percent of its national income, that is 555 billion pounds each year. It's so high number. 555 billion pounds, each 250 thousand pounds worth 2 million 220 thousand houses could be made. 18 thousand hospitals, each with 300 beds and 30 million pounds, could be built. Again, 180 thousand schools could be made worth 3 million pounds each. And 200,000 pounds of credit to each company, 20 thousand pounds to each of the low-income micro-credit could be given. ”

Turkey would increase prosperity and competitiveness by emphasizing waste prevention Akgul, "the strengthening of production in our country, the development of more effective and efficient use of our resources is closely," he said.

Important tips to consumers

From economists pointing out the importance of food saving to narrow and middle-income families dikkatli Be careful when choosing products. Do not buy unsaturated, inedible foods. Don't forget to make price and quality comparisons. Plan and manage the budget well, don't exceed the limit ”.

Billions of steam

According to research done every year 214 billion pounds of food waste in Turkey. 79 million of 85 million bread produced every day is consumed. Billions of pounds of steam is due to the 6 million bread that goes to the trash. To prevent this, bread is recommended for use in meals and desserts.

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