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They are both business owners and business owners 16.08.2017
http://www.marasbugun.com/hem-is-sahibi-oldular-hem-de-is-sahibi-yaptilar-33777.htmlThe female bosses, who have been put into business life with small amounts for their dream jobs, have a total of 48 million 417 thousand 753 TL in 9 years ...

The female bosses, who were taken to work with small amounts for their dream jobs, used 48 million 417 thousand 753 TL of financing in 9 years. Mikro Kredi Kahramanmaraş Regional Manager Mustafa Pehlivan said that his goals were to reach the lady and make every business owner.

Kahramanmaraş, who was selected as a pilot to use micro credit in 2007, has made 4072 female business owners in 9 years. Woman bosses using the source of 9 48 million 417 thousand 753 TL, Kahramanmaraş'ın showed the hard work.

Mikro Kredi Kahramanmaraş Regional Director Mustafa Pehlivan: "A total of 4072 ladies 48 million 417 thousand 753 TL provided credit. During this period, the amount of the loan is 25 million 170 thousand 723 TL, and the repayment rate is 100%.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç's remarks that "I always support and support the ladies who use microcredit" said: "I thank Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç for his personal and moral support.

Pehlivan said: "The aim of Kahramanmaraş Microfinance Program; To promote and institutionalize an unconventional banking system by providing loans to rural and urban areas in Kahramanmaraş. This initiative aims to help poor people to protect women not covered by the traditional banking system and to help them enter their business life. Through the implementation of the program, it is aimed to provide loans to especially poor women living in rural and urban areas in Kahramanmaras and to reduce poverty with small scale works. 


In the implementation of the program, which aims to make women invest in economic life and become productive, starting from the micro dimension to the macro dimension, women are brought together and group awareness is gained.

There is no need to prepare any project in loan purchases within the scope of Microfinance Program, such as guarantor, bond and mortgage. Rather, it is enough for the people to decide what to do and form a group of five reliable people from neighborhood residents with the same socio-economic characteristics as themselves. The group has similar conditions in all aspects; Economic status, social status, small community formed by people who resemble residential places.

In microfinance program, loans are given to individuals. However, if they claim credit, they have to create a group of five. The formation of the group is extremely important in ensuring the cooperation of the Microfinance Program.

The Group is a social security for the Microfinance Program. In any question that may arise within the group, if each member does his or her own task, the end result of solidarity, the problem emerges. In addition, an important function expected from the group is the continuation of unity and cohesion within the group at every stage and stage of daily life. In this way, it is desired to provide socialization of our women.

The credits are paid after the members of the group fulfill the conditions for obtaining credits and the credits received for forty-six (46) weeks are paid back in equal installments.


Kahramanmaraş Branch (2007) Andırın Unit (2013) Microfinance Program officially opened on September 12, 2007 with the opening of the branch. There are 2008 members of the Microfinance Program, which has been operating for 9 years and 3 months. A total of 1881 ladies have provided a loan of TL 28,440,842.00. During this period, the loan amount is 25.170.723,10 TL and the repayment rate of installments is 100%.




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