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Dreams come true 22.12.2015

A mother with her daughter open a business in the town of Kahramanmaras Andırın dream came true thanks to micro-credit. She laughed in the face of the crafts mother and daughter began to sell

Andirin district of Kahramanmaraş, the dream of opening a business was a real mother and daughter are suffering from micro-credit by 2 thousand pounds. Now mother and daughter who are happy with their lives, their dreams were achieved with micro-credit. Their crafts, mother and daughter are in the happiness of opening a business that will sell, "bless our God state. We have the opportunity to sell the crafts we made both through loans we received, and we contribute the money, winning the family budget," he said.


New girl sitting with her mother Aisha neighborhood of Vila Kars, they made their home crafts, decided to market the workplace was forced open. Reminiscent of the District of mother and daughter admitted to Microfinance Branch, opened a business place where they can buy things they did in the same neighborhood with two thousand pounds they get here. In their business with a total of 2 thousand pounds of credit they received handmade needle lace mother Ayşe Kars stating that they buy, "We used a thousand pounds loan with my daughter. It was a real our dream of opening support workplace we received. We sell the work we do here. Our work was very well received," he said.


Reminiscent of the Governor Mustafa Mayor Baki Tezcan Maslak and benefit from micro-credit programs for mother and daughter business owners to "get better" found the visit. Governor Maslak, stated that women's economic contribution to make and should be in every field of micro-credit life of women entrepreneurs with the practice started to get their own money, "Since its inception, 379 people to 1 million 190 thousand pounds lending microfinance unit was made 30 entrepreneurial women business owners in . I congratulate our women's entrepreneurship, "he said.