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Microcredit Meeting Held in Hakkari Hatso 05.11.2018

Microcredit meeting was held under the chairmanship of Servet Taş, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hakkari. HATSO General Secretary Fikret Keskin, President of Kızılay Association Hakkari Branch Recep Bozkurt, microfinance employees and women entrepreneurs participated in the meeting held in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HATSO).


In the meeting, HATSO President Servet Taş said, "Within the framework of Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program microcredit is distributed to women, which is an effort in our country aimed at improving the economic lives of women by earning their own livelihood and the economic freedom is earned by a credit system which is unsecured and totally based on trust. The women who use microcredit system use a credit that is initiated at 1000 TL and the limit reaches about 10.000 TL. The credit is repaid within 46 weeks and 5% of the principal credit amount is taken as service charges. Today, there are about 10 micro-entrepreneurs in the meeting and a total of 12.500 TL is distributed as credit. We hope that the credit distributed will be beneficial. Especially, a place is designated within the building of Hakkari Chamber of Commerce and Industry so that women of our province can benefit from the microcredit opportunities who wish to initiate production in their houses or initiate small businesses but do not have the required capital. The women who are devoted to make handicrafts, gift items and traditional handicrafts will be encouraged to become entrepreneurs by providing financial support. Microcredit is aimed at providing financial support to the women entrepreneurs who contribute to the family budget by the sale of goods produced at home.” He further said, “I am very thankful to the microfinance institution and their employees who will provide services in our province.” At the end of the meeting, credit was distributed to 10 women entrepreneurs.