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Became a manufacturer at home with microcredit 14.10.2020
Zeliha Demirtaş, mother of 4 children, is happy to contribute to the livelihood of her house with chicken breeding, isot and pepper paste production, which she started with the micro loan she used in Şanlıurfa.

Financial difficulties living in families who want to support the 40-year-old Zeliha Demirtas, 9 years ago, with the advice of friends Şanlıurfa Municipality and Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) was admitted by the micro-credit.
Demirtaş, whose loan amount reached 45 thousand liras at regular intervals after paying his debt, initially started to raise chickens in the courtyard of his house. Over the years, Demirtaş has also started the production of isot (chili pepper) and pepper paste specific to the region, contributing to both the education of its children and the family budget.

"Thank goodness I live a happy life thanks to the loan"

Zeliha Demirtaş told AA correspondent that she started her own business thanks to the micro loan she received and contributed to the family economy with the production she made at home.

Explaining that they were in a very difficult economic situation before and that his life changed after the loan he used, Demirtaş said:
"I started growing chickens in my garden with credit support and started producing pepper paste and isot. I learned to stand as a woman, we provide our family without needing anyone. Our pre-credit situation was not good, we could not even pay our rent and we were in need of bread. Thanks to the loan, our financial situation has improved. Fortunately, now I live a happy life with my wife and children. Thanks to the loan, I grow and sell chickens, take advantage of their eggs, produce pepper paste and chili peppers. "

Demirtaş stated that there is demand from outside the city for the isot and tomato paste it produces, and that those who taste these products are their permanent customers and they buy from them every year.

Pointing out that his family's life has changed with a little support, Demirtaş said, "I would like to thank the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and other interested parties who supported me." used the expression.
Demirtaş also addressed women and advised them to use micro credit and start their own businesses.