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84 Bin Okulun Parası Çöpe Gidiyor. 08.11.2019


Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product increased by 21.8% in the third quarter of 2018 and has become 1 trillion 13 billion 453 million TRY. Turkey is wasting about 25% of it’s national income. Accordingly, Turkey wastes the resoruces which worth about 253 billion TRY.

If 25% of Turkey’s GDP had not been wasted, that amount could be used for;

*Building 1 million 700 thousands houses, each worth 150 thousand TRY, and the housing problem could be solved.

*Building 8 thousands hospitals with 300 beds, each worth 30 million TRY and the health system in Turkey would have completely relieved.

*Building 84 thousand elementary schools with the capacity of 16 classes, each worth 3 million TRY. By this way, physical capacity of education system would be increased and the goal of teaching 30 students in each classroom could be achieved.

*Building 126 thousand km of highway, each kilometer worth 2 million TRY. Therefore, transportation infrastructure required for the development of the country would be completed.

*Disbursing credits, each worth around 200 thousand TRY, to approximately 1 million 250 thousand enterprises including exporter companies or SMEs.

Disbursing microcredits, each worth 3 thousand TRY, to millions of people living under poverty threshold. Within the framework of encouraging financially challenged people to carry out an income-generating activity, millions of citizens would contribute to national economy and unfair distribution of income would be minimized.