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1 percent of the world's population equals 6.9 billion people's wealth 12.05.2021
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Foundation for Waste Prevention (TİSVA) Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül said in a statement to the AA correspondent that the epidemic suddenly changed the order and account of the world.

Stating that the economy is a tool, Akgül said, "The main thing is the happiness of humanity. We need a new paradigm in the world after the coronavirus epidemic, if we want to achieve the highest level of social happiness in a more compassionate, more peaceful world where there is no concentration of wealth and the unity of difference is ensured." he spoke.

Emphasizing that development, not pleasure, happiness is precious, Akgül said:

"Hepitalism is a new economic system, sociopolitical philosophy and cultural development paradigm that contributes to the maximization of the understanding of happiness rather than income. It proposes to ensure happiness, subjective well-being and freedom in all life on earth. It advocates localization, simplicity. Happiness, freedom, serenity, A person who tries to realize love, environmentalism, justice, fairness, and tolerance together with justness is called a hepitalist.

People need the happiness hormones dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. The world deserves the existence of happy people and happy countries, as a result of the heraldic thinking system. Now, the political leadership understanding in the world should change radically with hepitalism. Hedonic, discriminatory, egoistic and populist approaches should be abandoned in the governance of the world. There is a need for approaches that advocate empathy, tolerance, the environment, justice, peace, freedom, equality, brotherhood, simplification, and the unity of difference. "

"The current global order is not sustainable"

Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül stated that hepatitis is not a utopia, "In a world where 1 percent of the world has assets equal to the wealth of 6.9 billion people, inequality is increasing day by day." said.

Emphasizing that the wealth of the world's 22 richest people is equal to the total wealth of people living in the entire African continent, Akgül said, "While the population suffering from water scarcity in the world is expected to rise to 3 billion people in 2025, can the world be happy? About 4 billion tons of food is produced every year in the world. While 1.3 billion tons of food worth about 1 trillion dollars is wasted annually in the world, 840 million hungry people are trying to live. used the expressions.

"Cancer consumes the human body, capitalism consumes humanity"

TİSVA Board of Trustees Chairman Akgül said that the current global economic order threatens the welfare and happiness of humanity.
Of injustice; Stating that it is the biggest cause of unhappiness, Akgül said:
"The foremost priority in the implementation of the philosophy of hepatism is always to ensure the happiness and well-being of people. In other words, hepitalism ensures that human and spiritual values ​​are taken into account by removing the wild aspects of capitalism. It is a bridge between the necessary pursuit of economic growth. As in hepatism, capitalism will continue to drag people into unhappiness unless an understanding of life is created in accordance with human and moral values. There is only the desire to grow in cancer cell and capitalism. . "