What is Microinsurance?

What is Mini insurance? 

The Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program serving  members assists women living in poverty start their own income generating activities with dignity throughout Turkey. 

Mini insurance protects  members from unexpected accidents.  Starting in December 2011,  Büyükkaya International insurance and Reinsurance Brokarage Company together with Bereket Insuranance company developed a system to provide affordable personal insurance policies to TGMP members.  Members pay 1 TRY cents on a monthly bases with a total coverage of 10.000 TRY worth of policy against death because of accident,  permanent disability , natural disasters.

 What does the Health microinsurance include:   


·         Normal accident situations (sudden unexpected accidents such as vehicle strikes, falls)

·        Accidents and deaths caused by earthquakes

·         Accidents and deaths caused by natural disasters

·        Gas poisoning (chimney, gas leak, combi boiler, police gas etc.)

·         Exposure to burns and burning

·         Hurricane, nervousness, disruption of the muscles and nerves due to sudden movement

·         Snake gets bitter with bite stings and gets poisoned

·         Biting rabies, death and disability

·         Also includes funeral expenses.

Life is Full of Surprises

We do not know what tomorrow will bring us. Let's not let unexpected surprises change the course of our lives. With microinsurance, we take all risks under our control under our control.

Mini insurance protects the poor

Microfinance member Nuray Pişiren has lost his life because of an unfortunate traffic accident. Thanks to the micro-insurance company, a deposit payment of 10.000 TRY has been made to his heirs.

We have once again seen the importance of microinsurance with this sad event. Members of the microfinance are financing their family business with microcredit. For this reason, securing them is very important. As a result of any accident they may encounter, the entire family is going to end up with income and we are insured not only with our entrepreneurial women but also with their families by microsecurities.

Documents required within the scope of microinsurance;

Mini insurance - death:

·         Accident Report

·         Birth Certificate

·         Autopsy Report

·         Heritage Document

·         Member of the consent letter shows his debt to TISVA

Mini insurance - Permanent Disability:

·         Surgery report

·         Detailed epicrisis report

·         Physical therapy reports

·         Medical observation document

·         Hospital discharge records

·         Hospital admissions for

·         Patient table

·         Accident Report

·         Indicates the degree of disability, disability report.

·         X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and so on. film reports

·         Medical observation and inspection records