Our Services

Our Services 

Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP) is a non-profit economic foundation. Instead of traditional donations and “charity,” TGMP offers “microcredit” services to help reduce poverty in Turkey. The goal of the microcredit system is to help low-income women engage in sustainable income-generating activities and contribute to their family budgets. 

Unlike the formal (commercial) banking sector, microcredit loans are offered without requiring collateral or any documentation other than a person’s Turkish national ID card. 

Microcredit Products 

Basic Loan;

Basic Loan is the first type of loan for old and new members. New members may be granted a loan from 100 TL up to 1.500 TL and repayment of loans are made for 48 weeks.

Entrepreneurial Loan;

A type of loan for entrepreneur and successful members may be granted a loan from 1.000 TL up to 5.000 TL and the repayment of loans are made during the 48 weeks. 

Animal Husbandry Loan;

A type of loan for members who wish to animal husbandry and given up to 2.000 TL and the repayment of loans are made during the 46 weeks. 

Digital Divide Loan;

In addition to the loans received by our members, this kind of loan is aimed at providing technological development for our members. Thanks to this credit, our members can have smart phones used with today's technology. Loan repayments are made for 46 weeks.  

Social Development Loan;

In addition to the credits, our members can get products from cleaning products to cosmetics of products involved in commercial activities generating additional revenue.

Loan repayment is made for 46 weeks. 

Other Services 


Microinsurance is a personal accident insurance including accidental death, permanent disability, natural disasters such as earthquakes guarantees members up to 10.000 TL by paying only one TL per month.

Micro-Housing Insurance;

Microhousing is home insurance for microcredit members. Insurance guarantees homeowners up to 15.000 TL. Insurance also guarantees tenants up to 10.000 TL in damages caused by fires, floods, storms and other natural disasters.


Voluntary Savings;

TGMP members can deposit their savings on accounts opened behalf of them. All of our members are encouraged to invest 1 TL per week at least.