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Professor Dr. Aziz Akgül


Aziz Akgul Diyarbakir - was born in 1956, he is married and has 2 children.

In 1996 the Department of Management and Organization Department was Professor.

1990 year, the Department of Business Management and Organization Department was Associate Professor at the Department of General Business Administration.

Between the years 1987-1989, for 2 years in the United States Naval Postgraduate School in "developing country Technology Transfer" made in research and post-graduate MS (Master of Science) received the degree. Between the years 1982-1986, Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences did PhD in Business Administration.

Between the years 1980-1982, Middle East Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Business Administration at the "Price of Business Movement effect on and Inflation Accounting" is the thesis of Master (MBA) received his degree. In 1979, he graduated from the Military School of Business Administration.

In 1998, while a professor of Kirikkale University Management section, and separated from that date to retire voluntarily, is the founder of Turkey Waste Prevention vakfımütevell engages the Trustees and the Board of Directors. Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation, the prevention of waste in Turkey is to make the implementation of the Food Banking and Turkey Grameen Microcredit Program.

2002 - He served as a deputy in Parliament between 2007 yıllıar the AK Party Diyarbakır. In 1998, he was a Certified Public Accountant.

Industry and Trade Ministry, under the implementation of Total Quality Management System in all units of the Ministry, "Excellence Towards Journey" was the coordinator of developing the program and has contributed in obtaining the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate of a Ministry for the first time in the world.

In carrying out the tasks KOSGEB, eliminating hierarchical levels, resources were applied in at least 50% savings and horizontal organization based Amoeba Restructuring Process. Chief Consultant to the Prime Minister in the Prime Minister as "the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Economic and Social Development Program" was developed.

Capital University Institute of Social Sciences gave lectures in the Master's program. Gulhane Military Medical Academy graduate establishing the Biostatistics Department at the Military Medical School and gave master classes.

In 1996, fill in the Turkish Armed Forces for 25 years, he retired voluntarily as doç.dr.binbaş. Gulhane Military Medical Akkadian Amasa by the General Staff Headquarters of the request and approval, Gulhane Military Medical Institute of Medical Sciences in Akkadian Amasa continued after his retirement to give graduate and doctoral courses.

In 1996, entering as a permanent Kirikkale University Department of Business Professor, he gave several lectures on business management during 1996-1998. Istanbul University Faculty of Business has taught at the Master's program. He gave the practical part of the Middle East Technical University Department of Business Administration course in Production Management. Military Academy gave several lectures on business management in Business Administration.

He has published 16 books and numerous articles. Very good degree and speak English writer.

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Muhammad Yunus Bathu village in June 28, 1940, was born in Bengal business formerly Nature. Yunus was the third of 14 children. Five siblings died as a baby. His

father was a successful jewelry store and had encouraged their children to reach higher education. If the mother was the main inspiration for the Dolphins. His mother helped Sufia Khatun door to every poor playing. Therefore, Yunus was asked to undertake the removal of poverty.


Childhood village is history. In 1947, the family was moved to the city of Chittagong where his father's business. Yunus for Education, Vanderbilt University in the United States in 1971 with a US Fulbright Scholarship was awarded his doctorate from the Faculty of Economics.


In 1974, Yunus, a professor at Chittagong University students and led to poor rural villages. in consultation with a woman there who bamboo stools to borrow its material means that you have to make interest payments and 10 percent weekly learned that stayed with a penny profit. Poor woman, if she could take a lower interest rate to borrow materials economically could escape from poverty. Yunus, realizing that there is a big problem in economics principles taught by his own pocket 17 of 42 from the basket to the person who gave loans. This is not the only small amounts to the poor live, has learned could provide the spark for private entrepreneurship out of poverty. Yunus, commercial banks and against the government's advice "microcredit" has continued to provide. Based on the principles of trust and solidarity In 1983 he founded the Grameen Bank. "Grameen" Bangladeşc 'de means countryside.


 Today, 1,084 branches, 12,500 staff are 37,000 villages with 2.1 million members of Grameen Bank. Every day, Grameen Bank serves an average of $ 1.5 million collection. 94 percent of members are women, 98 per cent of the loans are paid back. The repayment rate is higher than that of commercial banks. Grameen methods are the US, Canada, France, is being implemented in 58 countries such as the Netherlands and Turkey.