TGMP Loan Process

Taking a loan from TGMP 

We have 91 branches throughout Turkey. You can first stop in your local branch and they will help you decide which service is right for you. Please also, see our list of service. However there are a few simple steps to determine if you are a candidate for TGMP. 

1.  We would like you have a business idea in mind before approaching us for a loan. Just a reminder your first loan can be a maximum of 1.500 TRY  

2. You need to create a group five women from your neighborhood who also have a business idea.  The women in the group cannot be close relatives. For example, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, etc. should not be in the same group. 

3. After creating a five-Member group, there will 3-day training course in which you will be informed about the system of loan repayment and motivation to become an entrepreneur. 

4. The loan amount will be disbursed at a ceremony from that point on you and your group will be responsible for making scheduled loan repayments on a regular basis.