How Microcredit can be received?

How Microcredit can be Received?

The idea of a micro business should be created. The first  loan can be a maximum of 1.500 TRY .You can phone or visit the branch  in your town or city to find the information that you may want regarding the microcredit. Click on the link below to the list of Branch Office: 

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You need to create a group of five women from your neighborhood who has a business idea.  The women in the group cannot be close relatives. For example, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, etc. should not be in the same group.

Every women;

a. Should spell out the idea of business to the TGMP personal.

b. Determining the amount of the required credits for and indicate to the TGMP personal.

c. After created the five-Member group, there will 3-day training course in which they will be informed about the system of loan repayment and motivivation to become an entrpanuere.

d. Finally There is the amount of loan disburrresd with a ceremony.