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Great Interest from the Welsh Enterprise's Felt Products Abroad 16.08.2017
Handan Ünlü, who began to work in Şanlıurfa with loan support in the city of Harran, soon reached London with his art.

Handan Ünlü, who started to work with credit support in the province of Şanlıurfa in Harran province, soon reached to London with his art. Unlu (39), which has developed seamstress which he started 15 years ago with the recommendation of his friend,
Ünlü also teaches at the Public Education Center of Harran Governorate and teaches 16 courses to the students. Celebrity, who sells products produced by him and the trainees, also helps women contribute to the family budget.

Famous, AA correspondent said that he had to leave at middle school because he was married at the age of 17.

After living his life, he continued to work as a felting profession from one side, while continuing his education, Ünlü said that he had read in open education.


Emphasizing that his life changed with the micro credit he received with the recommendation of a friend, Ünlü said:
"I have had handicrafts in my family and I have been interested in handicrafts since I was a little old I went on with the public education courses but I had to take a break when I got married but I did not give up and started to work on a proposal coming from a work place. The credit I bought was a small amount, but I began to buy wool and go home at home, and with the money I earned from it, I paid for my education and for my girls' education. "
Noting that at the beginning of the course he learned the subtleties of the felt-making profession from the city's masters, Ünlü said he did a lot of research on the subject. At the same time, he said that you see that the rats in Russia are made into clothes, Ünlü said:

"Seating is something that we have in our culture." Why do not we also make kimono as clothes? " Then I started to make goatskin clothes, but later I learned that these clothes had to be made seamless.I learned a few things from this subject but I did not know exactly what I wanted.I met with the felt artist Mehmet Girgic about 1.5 years ago.It made a seamless I have been studying the finesse since then and I have been working on completely seamless felt. "


Famous, he said that the clothes he was producing began to gain interest in the country and abroad.

"We sell these products on orders and on the internet, we sell these products in some stores in Şanlıurfa, İstanbul and Ankara, and Sabancı University ordered 500 fleas, which seems to be in a busy tempo. And we got a vest order for him.We're trying to keep up the orders.It makes us very happy. " He said.

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